This preparation checklist will be beneficial to aid in the photographing your home.

Hello Homeowner!

By following the instructions below, you'll find that your photos will be much more appealing, as well as speed up the efficiency and time spent with the photographer on the day of your photo shoot. A clutter-free home with great photos will bring you more potential buyers!

The following should be completed and ready by the time of your appointment, including all lights on.


  • Turn on ceiling fan lights but leave the fan off.
  • Turn on all lights including over the stove, lamps, and exterior lights.
  • Replace any burned out bulbs on lamps, chandeliers, hallways, bathrooms etc.
  • If possible, match the same type of bulbs that are in the same grouping such as a chandelier or matching end table lamps.


  • All blinds should be lowered with the slats horizontal. If blinds have crooked or broken slats, please raise them all the way up.
  • Open all curtains to let the daylight in.
  • Windows should be clean, inside and out.


  • Remove all rugs, hand towels, paper towels, soap, fruit bowls, knife racks, plants.
  • Remove and put away appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, mixers, etc.
  • Remove everything from the front, sides and top of the refrigerator including photos, magnets, cereal boxes etc.
  • Wipe all surfaces down.
  • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Set Dining room table (optional).


  • Neatly arrange towels on holders. Only nice towels are recommended, or leave bare.
  • Toilet seat lid down and have a full roll of TP in the holder.  
  • Remove trash can, toilet brush and plungers.
  • Remove soap bars, hand soaps, Kleenex boxes, tooth brushes, Q tips, razors etc.
  • Nice decor on the counters is fine.
  • Remove floor rugs.
  • Remove everything from the shower. Items can still be seen through glass doors. Shower curtains may be open, closed,
    or partially opened depending on the look of either.
  • Clean sink, counter, floor, etc. clean, clean, clean.


  • Make sure all beds are made and bedrooms are picked up and neat. Hide or put away all charging cords, tissue boxes, photos, etc.
  • Bedspread should be straight and pillows should be straight as you can. Typically the photo is taken from the doorway,
    so only one side and the foot of the bed will be seen, except in a few cases.
  • Reminder to turn on all lamps and straighten lamp shades.
  • Vacuum, dust.


  • Items belonging to pets should be removed including toys, food/water bowls, bedding, etc. Pets should not be roaming the home,
    but contained in a comfortable area such as the garage, which will most likely not be photographed. 


  • Consider lighting the fireplace when photos are taken.
  • Sometimes a stash of burning newspapers with do the trick in a pinch.
  • Minimize knick knacks.
  • Turn off TV.
  • Straighten chairs.
  • Turn on all lights and straighten lampshades.
  • Tuck away remote controls and family photos etc.
  • Remove magazines and papers from coffee table top and bottom as well as items under end tables.
  • Conceal exposed cables and cords as best as you can.
  • Straighten couch cushions and couch pillows.
  • Straighten rug fringes if applicable.
  • Vacuum, dust.


  • Make sure all vehicles are out of your driveway and away from the front of the property.
  • Make sure the grass is cut and trimmed, rake leaves, pull weeds and dead vegetation.
  • Sweep driveway, sidewalks, decks, and patios so it looks clean and inviting.
  • Garden hoses and outside trashcans should be out of view, maybe tucked away in the garage.
  • Clean off and arrange outside furniture to highlight the outside living area; raise the umbrella and add seat cushions.
  • Pools and hot tubs (if in clean condition) should be uncovered and freshly skimmed of leaves and debris,
    and be prepared to turn the jets on at the time of the photos. 
  • Turn on all exterior lights.
  • Plan on a minimum of one hour to an hour and a half for the photo shoot. The photo shoot will go a lot smoother
    and faster if the above list is fulfilled.

We appreciate your hard work in preparing your home for great photos that will be beneficial in getting your home noticed!

Thank you!